The Writings and Publications

After an illiterate childhood, the necessity to document his life experiences forced Joses to teach himself how to read and write at age 18, a medium of expression that then became a way of life; and it is within this consideration that the Writings and Publications that are presented here have been written for the love of the Subject Matter more than the love of the Written Word – Practicality before Poetry.

Partners First Program

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  • The Partners First Program (c) (PFP) is a program
    specifically design to address the Educational needs of the Partners of Fly-In/Fly-Out Employees (FIFO Employees).
    The program aims to educate the Partners of FIFO Employees,
    in detail, about the challenges that FIFO Employees are faced with outside of regular working duties while on Site, that may negatively affect regular working duties.
  • The Akhenaten Theorem

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  • Here, is stated a new Physics Theory that is far removed from Classical, Traditional, Conventional, and New-age Theoretical and Accepted Physics.
    'Sphere Theory' via 'The Joses Revelation of Universal
    Many people, especially Physicists, may be offended at many
    of the claims and theories that are presented in this Paper.
    In reality though, Physics does not cater to Egos and Pride,
    and is infinitely greater than a 'dot' in the Universe that is
    Planet Earth and Humanity.
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    The Real AbMusic

    The Real AbMusic(No longer available)The Real AbMusic (complete)
    The fall of a Corporation that should have been one
    of the best things to happen for Aboriginal People.
    (No longer available from this link)
    • Section 3: Several pieces of Documentation Joses Gosper wrote over the course of his employment at AbMusic.
    • Section 4: A brief point-form summary of some major issues that need to be addressed at AbMusic.
      Section 5: THE LOOP-HOLE

    Water and Hearts

    No longer available!(No longer available)Overflow of the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

    'Water and Hearts' is a collection of writings that cover a wide
    range of genres based upon the personal experiences and
    close observations of the author.

    Written in a unique style that belongs solely to the author,
    'Water and Hearts' is a guide through the labyrinth that is the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.

    More Music
    More Music
    More Music
    More Music
    Download for Free!Download HereThe first book in this series
    The idea of this book, along with others in and out of this series,
    is to help fast-track the Musician; to be able to compress
    information in order to learn theoretical ideas and practical
    applications in months, and not years.

    This originally intended to be a book on Scales only, but was
    expanded to cover a few deeper principals of Music and namely
    the Guitar.
    Over 150 Scales and Modes